Effective Lesson Starters (KS3) - Maths Lessons

Hi, My name is Lotoya Patrick-Taylor and I am a Lead Teacher of Maths and is currently training to be a Lead Practitioner of maths (which I am enjoying - even though I am home I am still refining some work to be used when school re-opens) .

I would like to share a resource I created for Effective Lesson Starters, using various past papers. I have blogged about how I created it and how to use it (see link below)


I started using it in mid-January (after I returned from maternity leave) to see if it would help my students improve and bridge some gaps. The results were very positive as more than 60% of each class showed significant improvements from their previous exam, even on concepts that were poorly done in previous exams. The starters were used to help bridge these gaps in understanding.

Hopefully, you will be able to try it out in your lessons (when school resumes and share the feedback of before and after).

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