Coronavirus - what we are doing to maintain social justice

Hi all,
I just wanted to create a separate post to say that I hope everyone is staying safe and to keep pushing on with the incredible work you do as key workers! Now more than ever, social justice plays a significant role in ensuring that all students have access to an education, routine and well-being in these challenging times. Never before I have worked completely online to deliver lessons and work for students. I have to go in on a rota to support and care for our vulnerable students and children of key workers. I wonder how other schools are tackling the issue and whether this can become a post for people to share ideas/lesson planning in these difficult times? Good luck to everyone. Stay safe.


Hi, Iā€™m new here. Thanks for your post and for taking care of others. I also work remotely and understand how difficult it is. I hope this ends soon. Be safe.