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This is a space for Geography teachers to collaborate, share resources and make connections.

The forum enables teachers to easily share and access resources (lessons, activities, links etc), saving you time and reducing your workload. You can add your tried and tested resources and search for materials to use in your own classrooms. The aim is to ‘share the load’ and support each other.

To get started, we suggest introducing yourself – you will need to have logged in / registered an account, then to create a new post, just click ‘New topic’ – don’t forget, if you’re sharing a resource, include the topic and skill(s) covered and which Key Stage it’s suitable for.

You can learn how we expect our online communities to operate in the FAQ; you can also find further guidance in the Discourse New User Guide.

This is your forum – please use it to build a vibrant community of teachers supporting each other.

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Thank you Sylvia but it is unclear how to do this?

Hi _ Sorry that you’ve had a problem - we’re trying to get this up and running as quickly as possible. There is some guidance as to how to add resources in the New User Guide (Item 5). It’s fairly straight forward to add resources to the area - Click on the topic Heading and describe what you are adding briefly and then click on the main box and add your materials/web links and save. Hopefully we’ll gather lots of materials in the coming weeks so that you can search for topics and download them. Best wishes Sylvia